Civic Diplomacy and Peace Activism

Affiliated Organizations

  • Executive Committee of the UNESCO Chair for Genocide Prevention

  • Chair of the Executive Committee: US Academics for Peace

  • Advisory Board: Brussels International War Crimes Tribunal 

  • Advisory Board: Conscience International

  • Member: International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes against Humanity in Iraq

  • Advisory Board: Union of Councils for Soviet Jews (Human Rights)


Works undertaken with these Organizations (since 2003)

International Forum of the Ninth International Conference: Lessons of the Holocaust and Contemporary Russia, Sponsored by the Russian Holocaust Fund and the Institut fur Zeitgeschichte-Munich,  (Moscow):  June 22, 2015.

Delegation with Union of Councils for Soviet Jewry to Congressional Representatives (Washington DC): September 17, 2014.

Delegation with Union of Councils for Soviet Jewry (Ukraine): August 2014.

Delegation with US Academics for Peace (Tehran, Iran): January 18-26, 2014.

Speech for the “Voices of the Free Syrian Children” Benefit Concert at the Kaufman Center (New York City): October 26, 2013.

International Conference on Peacekeeping at the New York Theological Seminary (New York City): May 23, 2013.

Meeting with the Iranian Mission to the United Nations (New York City): September 24, 2012.

Consultations with Syrian Exile Community (USA and Europe): 2012.

Meetings with Hakiyetu (Our Rights), A Congolese NGO: 2011-2012.

Meetings with Social Democratic Activists (Cairo): 2011.

International Conference on Circassian Genocide; Meetings with Georgian Officials: Georgia (Tbilisi): 2010.
Conference and Meetings with Township Leaders in South Africa (Cape Town): 2009.

Meetings with Political and Civic Leaders in Darfur (Nyala) and Sudan (Khartoum): 2008.

American Mideast Leadership Network: Conference of Syrian and American (Rutgers) Students (New Brunswick, NJ): 2008.

Meetings with Political and Civic Leaders in Darfur (El Fasher) and Sudan (Khartoum): 2006.

Meetings with Political and Civic Leaders, Center for Strategic Services (Iran): 2005.

Meetings with President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Ministry (Damascus): 2005.

Conference Organizer: “Impasse: Alternative Voices in the Middle East” at Columbia University (New York City): 2004.

International Conference Participant: “A Just Peace for Israel-Palestine” (Brussels): 2004.

Meetings with Civic Leaders in Israel and Occupied Territories, Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace: 2004.

International Conference on Human Rights, Mofid University (Qom, Iran): 2003.